Vintage Doll Cradle


vintage doll cradle

This is a very basic design that can be made to fit any doll, two sizes are suggested a 9" and a 7 1/2" wide base. The length can be made to fit the height of the doll.

For a full size pattern draw a grid on a large sheet of paper 7 squares X 8 squares.

For a 9" wide base draw 2" squares on your pattern, for a 7 1/2" base draw 1 1/2" squares on your pattern.

A length of around 18" is suitable for the 9" base, 15" for the 7 1/2" base but an inch or two either way doesn't really matter.

Use 3/4" thick material for the ends, the bottom and and sides can be either 3/4" or 1/2" thick.

Fasten a 3/4" square strip to each end to support the base.

Make the sides a height that fits on the flat area just above the rocker, make them twice the thickness of the ends longer than the base.

Fasten with screws, nails may pull apart with use and become a hazard.

Round all edges with sand paper before assembly.


Frame For Illustration Only

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